Join USF Dining Rewards and start earning rewards today!

How do I join USF Dining Rewards?

It’s easy! Just download the Grubhub app and you’ll see USF Dining Rewards there.  You’re automatically enrolled and will begin earning points on your next meal purchase through the app. If you’ve already downloaded the Grubhub app, you’re all set.  Just place your next order and purchase through the app to earn your points!   


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How do I earn points?

You’ll earn 1 point for every meal you order and purchase through the app at any participating on-campus dining location (including Grubhub kiosks!).  The Grubhub app works with your debit or credit card, meal swipe, and dining dollars.  You’ll see the participating dining locations where you can earn USF Dining Rewards points in the Grubhub app.  Just place your mobile or Grubhub kiosk order, purchase it through the mobile app, and you’ll earn a point. 

Can I earn points if I order in-restaurant?

You must order and pay for your meal through the Grubhub app or Grubhub kiosk to earn points. Grubhub kiosks are currently available only at Chick-fil-A® and Flip Kitchen® on-campus locations.  At some point in the future, we may expand the USF Dining Rewards program where you can earn points for in-restaurant purchases, but for now, you must order and pay for your meal in advance through the app or Grubhub kiosk.  

I have a meal plan (swipes and/or dining dollars).  What’s in it for me?

If you have a meal plan, you get even more through USF Dining Rewards:

  • You get meal plan members-only exclusive perks, discounts and offers throughout the semester. You’ll get invitations to exclusive meal-plan members-only events.
  • You earn 1 point per meal ordered and paid through the Grubhub app at participating on-campus locations.  So if you use your meal swipes or dining dollars, remember to order the meal through the app or Grubhub kiosk and you’ll earn a point.  Currently, you do not earn points for meal swipes or dining dollars used at dining halls or other on-campus locations that do not participate in the USF Dining Rewards program. Remember to check your Grubhub app for participating USF Dining Rewards dining locations and order and pay through the app (or Grubhub kiosk) to earn points.

How do I earn and redeem rewards?

Every 15 points, you’ll automatically get a one-time $5 valued coupon loaded to your Grubhub account.  The coupon will be automatically applied to your next mobile order placed at a participating USF Dining Rewards dining location.  How easy is that?!

Can I use multiple Rewards in one order?

Not currently. You can use one reward per order. 

How do I keep track of my points and rewards available?

The Grubhub app provides you with your current points earned (not redeemed for a reward yet), and points remaining to your next $5 Reward.  The app also highlights available rewards you’ve yet to redeem.  Keep in mind that your Rewards will be automatically applied to your next mobile order at a USF Dining Reward participating dining location.

Do points or rewards expire?

Yes.  All good things must come to an end.  Points and rewards expire at the end of the University of South Florida Fall Semester– December 13th 2021.

I’m in Grubhub Perks and Tastemakers.  How does USF Dining Rewards work with them?

USF Dining Rewards is a separate loyalty program operating separately from Grubhub Perks and Tastemakers.  If you’re a member of either Grubhub Perks or Tastemakers, you can continue enjoying the benefits of those programs according to their rules.  You can also earn points and redeem rewards through USF Dining Rewards through the Grubhub app (or Grubhub kiosk) as explained throughout these FAQs.

How long will USF Dining Rewards be available?

Great question.  USF Dining Rewards is a trial program we’re kicking off this semester.  We will be getting your feedback, making adjustments, and evolving the program to improve it and make it even more rewarding for you.  This is just the first chapter… we anticipate plenty more!

Who can I contact if I have more questions or comments about USF Dining Rewards?

The fastest way is to reach out through the Grubhub app anytime 24/7, or email our Customer Care team at

Is there fine print?

There’s always fine print.  If you want to check out all the details our lawyers thought you might want to know about USF Dining Rewards, check out the Terms & Conditions.